Poetry/Prose: Back To When

To days when yes was yes, and no was no, and maybe made sense even when the month wasn't May and there were no bees to be found.

To the final run of teeth through school girl hair in anticipation of seven o'clock when cartoon network assumed its rightful place on GTV.

To afternoons watching "Hindi Movie" while munching on rice and beans, with salad, spagetti, gari and everything in between.

To vacation classes that had less to do with science and math and more to do with mingling with boys-boys, girls-girls and a cross-section of the two.

To waiting in restless anticipation for the weekend in order to escape school. And then waiting in anticipation for Monday to return to school.

To kingsbite chocolate, nkate boga, and coke; worthy prizes for good behavior, hardwork, and treats from visiting family and friends.

To times when internal rivers gushed over things like who got to sit at which dining table chair and who got to be (claim) which power ranger

To moments when it was perfectly normal for siblings to fight like cats and dogs and immediately resume collaborative mischief against everyone else

To the morning rush to call shot-gun, sit up front and decide who could read the Daily Graphic, Junior Graphic and Spectator first

Back to when.

When the simple things counted.
When life was all play and tears were momentary lapses.
When being troublesome was the norm, and being "good" the exception
When mistakes were okay and ego barely known
When laughter and smiles were abundant regardless of strife
When kids could be kids - acting grown-up, without actually being it.

Back to... when?

Yea. Sure seems like a distant memory, doesn't it?

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