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The Letter-Writing Project: Scoop on GhanaDecides & iRegistered (Survey Incl.)

If you're an 18+ Ghanaian citizen currently living/studying/working abroad, kindly take a moment to complete this survey on Ghana Election 2012 and the Diasporan Ghanaian. Thanks :)

Dear Fellow Ghanaian,

So you probably heard about the GhanaDecides and iRegistered campaigns that BloggingGhana launched recently in partnership with STAR-Ghana. No? Well, you best get acquainted quick! It's the hottest thing in town,even picked up on it. Good thing I'm here to give you all the juicy details and some :)

With the world gradually accepting the fact that tweets, hashtag events and Facebook are here to stay, many have found interesting and innovative ways to use social media, even in the political arena. The Obama '08 Presidential campaign, the Arab Spring and Senegal's #sunu2012 movement and elections are but some of the many ways that social media has contributed to political change. Now it's Ghana's turn.

Come December 2012, Ghana will either elec…

Democratically Speaking: A Tale of Two West African Countries

Hi Folks!

It's been a month since my last blog and a lot has certainly happened within the span of those four weeks! Of course, it's gonna be hard to recap everything that went down, so instead I'll zone in on key events in the sphere of African democracy.

As you probably know, 2012 is a big year for elections in Africa. There are over 10 presidential elections slated to take place and you can imagine how antsy the whole continent is. Elections are somewhat of a litmus test for democracy and overall advancement in many African countries, and both politicians and citizens tend to be on edge when it's time to head to the polls. So, what's happened so far? Well, we need not look further than the West African region where two neighboring countries - both with presidential elections this year - have embarked on strikingly different paths.

Senegal: Le Teranga, Victorious & Proud
Remember how Youssou Ndour was running for president? Yeah. Well, the Senegalese Supreme Co…