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Senior Year!

Hi All,

It's Senior Year!!! I am back on campus and I have been soooooooooooooooo busy since I got back so I haven't been able to update you guys about much. I am currently taking a whole bunch of awesome classes (Economic Development --we actually get to attend a conference and talk to very important peeps in the area of Heterdox economics who's works we're studying class. Should be interesting -- French translation (J'adore la langue!) -- West African Dance (quite a work out lol) --Astronomy (gosh, earth really is quite insignificant when you think about the enormity of the Universe....and now I'm pretty convinced there HAS to be other beings out there...we can't be the only ones in the Oh, and I'm writing a senior thesis in Economics so I'm taking a senior thesis seminar... My topic: A Comparative Analysis of Economic Development in Ghana and Malaysia .Why Ghana and Malaysia? Both countries gained independence in 1957 -- Ghana in …