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Ghana's Election 08 - Choosing the Lesser Evil

You probably saw this one coming, I mean, as Ghanaian as I am, how could I not have anything to say about Sunday's presidential election. Either way you look at it, there just might be a drastic turn in Ghana's history come December 7,2008. The only thing is, I am not in the least bit confident in any result that this election might come to. All I can hope is that we don't accelerate the process of ruining what strides we have made so far...Initially, I would have said, "Vote Wisely" but now all I can say is "Try to choose the lesser of the evils."

I realize I am very critical of Ghana's development efforts, and it has nothing to do with being brainwashed by living in the West or anything of the sort. It is simply because Ghana has so much potential, yet continuously squanders it! (Now I understand why they say that our parents and teachers tend to be harder on us because they see the potential we have) And I dare not even go in depth about that one …