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Lifestylz GH Interview: Sangu Delle

As part of Lifestylz GH’s interview series, we bring you our premier interview with Sangu Delle.

Profile: Sangu Delle
Sangu Delle is a senior at Harvard University. He was born and raised in Ghana, and is the youngest of five children in a bi-religious family (his father is Catholic while his mum is Muslim). He attended Christ the King Catholic School (CTK) and went on to study at the Ghana International School (GIS) until his O-Levels when he transferred to the Peddie School (a college preparatory school in NJ) on scholarship. His areas of concentration in academics are Economics and African studies, with a particular focus on development.

AspirationsTo be involved in the development of Ghana and Africa at large in some capacity. In the past, he was more involved in non-profit and development work, but has increasingly become active in entrepreneurial and business ventures; a testament to his belief that there should be “less foundations and more entrepreneurs” in Africa. In his own wor…

Writing 101 Module 2: Finding the Writer Within (Inspiration)

Hi all,

I take it that most (if not all) of us are getting our read-on? Great. If we were to take a poll on the kind of books people like to read, I'm pretty sure we'd have a loooong list to choose from: fiction, biographies, historical romance, mystery, sci-fi, poetry, self-help, religious etc etc. In the same way that we have different genres in reading, the reasons why people write what they write are different. In order to develop your writing ability, you also have to recognize your writing interests and in so doing, your writing style will develop. Why is it a good idea to figure out the reasons that propel you to write?

- It helps you understand yourself as a writer better
- You discover what your sources of inspiration are
- You learn your strengths and weaknesses as a writer (Eg. Whether you write better on a deadline, or whether you prefer to write leisurely and at your own pace. This can prove REALLY helpful when it comes to school writing assignments, reports for work …

On the brink - Inspired by Paulo Coelho's "Veronika decides to die"

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
We all see life through the veil of our own realities.

Happy. Sad. Certain. Doubt-ridden. Beautiful. And, oh so drab!
Forgiveness. Vengeance. Inspiration. Depression. Reluctance. Determination.
On the brink.
Electric impulses. Protons. Neutrons. Electrons... Ions? On the brink?
Neurons. Cerebrum. Medulla Oblongata. Limbic system.
On the brink.
Arteries. Cardiology. Leukocytes. La Coeur. 70 to 90 pumps per min.
Reality. Illusion. Nightmare. Dream. Perception. Deception. Is it all real?
Commonplace. Norm. Uncommon...abnormal?
Sane. Plain. Call it...the matrix!
Eccentric. Crazy. Sensitive. Mad...who's got their head on their shoulders, now?

On the brink.

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The North-South Development Divide in Ghana: Why It Could Be Ghana's Downfall

For a long time now, I have concentrated on writing articles that focus on Ghana's development as a whole, without looking too critically at the various factors and elements that contribute to Ghana's inability to accelerate development. Following my independent study research this past year on Ghana and Malaysia's economic development, I realized that specifics are just as important as generalities, and in the case of Ghana, the lack of development in Northern Ghana is one particular factor that greatly hinders Ghana's development efforts. I am Dagomba, hence from Northern Ghana, so I might be a bit biased when it comes to this topic. However, I'll attempt as much as I can to be objective in this article, and although I will talk about how the disregard for Northerners feeds under development, I'll also take it from a case-study point of view, looking at Malaysia, in order to explain why it is imperative that the Ghanaian government quit paying homage to word…


Hi People!

I hope the summer has started off great for all of you. Its slowly creeping into S.Hadley...the sun seems not to have gotten the memo yet. Anyways, I took a short hiatus from writing development articles, but now I'm back! (You didn't think I'd be away too long, did you?) And there'll be quite a number of changes coming to Circumspecte. First off, our URL has moved from to Secondly, Circumspect is in collaboration with another great GH site, ! You guys need to check out that site for the latest and most relevant information on rising Ghanaian youth in music, fashion, philantrophy, business etc. There'll also be interviews with amazingly creative and entrepreneurial personalities, and profiles of organizations that are making a difference in Ghana. PLUS, yours truly is on board with the Lifestylzgh team so you can access your favorite Circumspect articles on there as w…

Writing 101 [Module 1]: The "Read" Factor

Okay, here we go with module 1.

If you wanna develop your writing skills, there's another skill that you should probably think about developing at the same time: reading skills. You don't have to love reading, and you're not even expected to read an entire novel or two a day, but you do need to cultivate this habit. Why? For a number of reasons, including:

- It helps you develop your grammar
- You pick up on new vocabulary AND you get exposed to the various *contexts* in which they can be used
- It helps you identify what style of writing you like to read...which could also be helpful in figuring out what kind of writing you might be inclined to
-You become more adept at sieving through data and retrieving relevant information: which will help you prevent long-winded explanations etc in your own writing
- It offers you a chance to identify with the characters (if its a novel) or the author
- Great source of inspiration and creative ideas
-It's a great hobby

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