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The Letter-Writing Project: Don't Burn Those Bridges

Dear cousin,

I got your very frantic missed phone calls. All 30 of them. I also got your rushed voice messages filled with sighs and words I’d better not reproduce here. And as for the email messages, I think you succeeded in achieving what spam has failed to – you filled my inbox to the brim. Given your obviously erratic state of mind, I decided to give you some time to cool off, hence this letter - which will reach you in due time. We rarely make sense when we’re at such heights of emotion anyway, so it’s best to talk about these things when we’re done riding the waves of our anger.

Now to your little situation. The one person you put all your trust in went and betrayed you. She did what you yourself had expressly told her you wouldn’t tolerate in anyone. You probably forgot to mention that it included her, right? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Should you or shouldn’t you remain friends with her? Can she even be trusted after this? Is it even worth the effort? All valid …

Love for Sale: Prostitution as an Economic Issue

So apparently, CNN decided to switch up its look online. It has a more streamlined look with more social media features and what-not. Social Media is taking over! Anyways, I like the new look, although it’ll take me a while to get used to the glaring red header.

The key video on the Africa page today is on prostitution in Kenya, and specifically, teenage prostitutes. Two of the girls spoken to first participated in the sex trade at 10 and 11 years respectively. During World AIDS Day in 2003 (Dec 1st.) myself and my fellow peer counselors at Wesley Girls High School went on an education and outreach trip to basic schools in neighboring villages in Cape Coast. At one of the schools, we got to talk to some of the children, who were in primary school, and who were generally below 12 years old, and one of the girls told us her story.

She was from a very poor background and her parent could barely afford to feed her much more pay her fees. She would go about three days without a real meal, a…

Peek-A-Boo, Guess Who!

Just love it when God springs wonderful surprises on us. The weather forecasts said there'd be rain, rain and more rain today, but it was as dry as a button, with a warm breeze and beautiful sunshine! Couldn't resist, had to immortalize the day. Enjoy!


God-fearing. Check. 
Attractive. Check. 
Interesting. Check. 
Smart. Umm. 
Funny. No comment. 
Dimples. Zero. 

Guess he’s already disqualified. And he’d looked like he had so much potential. The injustices of this world

“Awura Adjoa, so what d’you think?” 
“Huh?” She’d drifted away again as his voice droned on. 
He chuckled, and smiled sweetly. “About the existence of extra-terrestrial beings. A definite yes or an undeniable no?” 

And, he’s here sprouting nonsense! Unh-huh, that’s it, I’m out. “Umm…I can’t be too sure,” she shifted her chair back and started putting her belongings in her handbag. “But, wow, would you look at the time, definitely way past my bedtime!” She smiled feebly, and grabbed her coat. “Gotta run! Nice..uhh…talking.” She made a beeline for the exit. 

Just as she stepped off the restaurant onto the street she saw him get up from the corner of her eye. Oh no, she groaned inwardly. Don’t let him be a stalker, please. I promise, I’ll be nicer to the next one. Awura Adjoa cros…

Media + Policy + Science: A Meeting of Great Minds

Finally, finally, finally. I brought my notepad home with all the juicy info from an event I went to a couple of weeks ago: "Media as a Global Diplomat II: New Findings on the Science of Media and Conflict". It was organized by the US Institute of Peace, and boy, was it a blockbuster event! Great and inspiring people like Al-Jazeerah's Riz Khan (formerly of the BBC) and Jordan's Queen Noor were present, as were a whole bunch of amazing individuals. I really enjoyed the event cos I'm all about policy and media, and at one point in my life I figured I'd be a psychologist (until I had to take psych 100 at 8am and chickened out.)

So anyways. Details. Essentially, some researchers from MIT (Rebecca Saxe, a neuroscientist), Harvard (Dean Jay Winsten) as well as media personnel like Riz Khan (Al-Jazeerah) and Michael Medavoy (a Hollywood film maker) spoke about how media influences global diplomacy and conflict.

The researchers presented their findings on the issue. S…

The Letter-Writing Project (Premiere): Forever and Unconditionally Yours

My dearest sweetheart,

We probably haven’t met yet (or maybe we have), but I already have you in my mind’s eye. I already know the shape of your eyes; deep-set dark brown almond eyes that light up whenever you smile or laugh. Laugh, that laugh! Pearls of joy dropped down by Mother Earth. Your skin; rich and luxurious; smooth and soft. An endless invitation to touch, hold, and comfort you. That nose. Some people worry about the nose; it’s either too large or too small, and never quite perfect enough. But I have no worries there. As cute as a button your nose will be. And your lips. Slightly upturned, probably your most convincing feature, especially when you pout in indignation, when I tell you “no, you can’t have more candy.” And the rest of you. Every exquisite inch. I seriously cannot wait to meet you my dear one.

There’s a lot you will learn. Yes, you will most definitely go to school, but you will learn even beyond and outside the confines of the classroom. Perhaps the first thing …

Blog Action Day on Climate Change (Belated Post) - The Other Side: Climate Change a Hoax?

Blog Action Day on Climate Change was on Oct. 15th, and I'd signed up to participate. Unfortunately, one thing led to another, and I didn't get a chance to blog that day. But anyway, I made a commitment, so regardless of the fact that Blog Action Day on Climate Change is over, it's never too late to talk about climate change. Especially when I have some extremely interesting stuff to share!

About a month ago I headed over to the National Mall for the National Book Festival here in D.C.  On my way there, I came across a group of people who were talking about climate change. I figured I'd listen in and see what they had to say, and boy, did they have a lot to say. The organization, Truth About Green , basically pushes the notion that climate change or global warming is not actually a natural phenomenon, but rather a man-made phenomenon set up to advance the economic and business ideals of top business elements. Additionally, they said that green initiatives would actually…

First African U20 Champs: Ghana's Black Satellites (The Boys Are Too Good!)

Okay, so I'm sitting here at work, and I'm soooooooooooo giddy with excitement!!!! Ghana vs Brazil U20 World Championship game, Ghana trashed Brazil!!!! 4-3 in penalties.And with man 1 down (they played 10 against 11) I loove penalties (used to be a goalie and just loved the adrenaline rush). Anyways. This post is to commemmorate the fact that Ghana is the first African country to win the U20 Cup! How many more firsts is this country going to bag??

Thought a couple of things were interesting:

- Didn't watch the game, but knew exactly what was going on via the webcast updates +...drumroll...facebook updates! Chale, u don't need to be in front of the T.V. to see things going dowwwn lol.

- The famous Ghanaian footballer Abedi Ayew Pele, took his 'Pele' from Brazil's amazing sportsman Pele who won the title of "Athlete of the Century" in 1999. Now Abedi Pele's son Dede Ayew plays against Brazil about a decade later as the captain of the G…

The Three ‘Ps': Prejudice Predetermining Progress

The long dry untarred road, leads up to a cement-based incomplete bungalow
A row of tables along the veranda, with plastic table covers of bougainvillea
Uniformed men and women, each with a pair of ‘specs’ perched lightly on their nose ridges
Papers strewn left, right and center, and not a single computer in sight

At the gate of so-called opportunity, a long queue waits
Market men and women, ‘kubolor’ boys and girls, and even a politician or two
Colorful Holland print cloths wrapped haphazardly around waists of different sizes,
And you know there was some sort of sleepover the night before

Basins overturned to serve as makeshift chairs
Plastic and steel buckets, for finding water after this quest is done
“Gyai saa”, “Kyel la la”, “Stop that”, and you know the kids are getting restless
In the corner, a group of young men; from their vantage point a sea of well-endowed behinds they do peruse

“The first fifty can come in!” a loud voice pronounces
Scramble for Africa re-enacted, feet and hands gravita…

Rebirth:The Geology of It All

There once lived a wee little fellow
Quite a troublesome little fellow was he
Fidgety, fidgety, fidgety
He never could sit still
Until one day he encountered geology
Yes, you heard right, geology
And with that as silent as a mouse he would be

He learned about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
And how one was hard, the other layered, and the last changed with time
He discovered up throws and downthrows and all kinds of faults in between
And he saw the world transform right before his eyes
Then he learned about volcanoes, lava and dried granite cones
And the thought of it curdled his blood to a near stand still

But it wasn’t until he encountered earthquakes that his trance was broken
With fat tears plopping down his face, and tremors overtaking his being
You’d think he’d rate an 8.0 on the Richter scale

At the end of the class when everything was packed
This wee little fellow stayed behind in class
(Now remember it was he who never could sit still)
And as the teacher cleaned up…

Oct- Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let's Talk... Breasts!

I Love My Breasts!
Okay, this might sound a tad ridiculous, but I love my breasts! They have stuck it out with me through thick and thin (literally), and they are every bit a part of the woman I am. I think every woman is unique breast-wise, but I've never actually given much thought to my breasts, unless something important comes up. Like when they first started developing. Gosh, breasts are a big deal to adolescents - male and female. The girls either can't wait to have their first real pair (given the fact that people have the choice of unreal ones), or are annoyed they're one of the first in their class to have them. Boys are fascinated by them. And I don't think that changes as their level of maturity grows. For me, my breasts are a strong indication about if everything's going okay with me health-wise. Aside the periodic change in size and feel, they are pretty good at letting me know if I'm stressing myself etc.

Breasts, the foundation of humanity
Have we…