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Sharing Is Caring Series: The 2011 YOWLI Monologues

Originally published on the AWOMI Blog:
The 2011 YOWLI Monologues
After a whirlwind two weeks in New York for the CSW, the AWOMI delegation is back on the continent. Our premiere edition of the YOWLI Monologues was launched on March 1st in New York with the theme: Young African Women Speak Out on Climate Change, SRHR and Youth Leadership, and from the reviews we've gotten, it was a successful event which employed a creative approach at highlighting the linkages between climate change and sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues. The YOWLI Monologues crew consisted of Tantely Ravelomanana (YOWLI '06 - Madagascar), Omar Dibba (YOWLI '08 - Gambia), Esther Sheehama (YOWLI '08- Namibia), Moiyattu Banya (YOWLI '08 - Sierra Leone), Nwanneka Nnoli (YOWLI '10 - Nigeria), Sahiya Umuhoza (YOWLI '10 - Rwanda), Musa Soko (YOWLI '10 - Sierra Leone),  AWOMI Web Manager Kudzanai Chizarura (Zimbabwe), and AWOMI Program Coordinato…

Circum-Alert: Some Africa Inspired Events to Jumpstart Your Spring!

Hi Folks,

So it's about that time of the year in the U.S. where the buds are a-opening and people are slowly discarding their winter gear for less weighty options. Likewise, there's a ton of great events usually planned. How better to spend your first weeks of Spring than at some Africa-inspired events? Here are three of such events to look out for and attend.

~The 2011 Kellogg Africa Business Conference - Evanston, Illinois - April 2, 2011 Why is this decade one of the most exciting for Africa by way of development and economic prospects? Wondering what ingredients kept Africa "cushioned" from the disastrous effects of the global economic crisis? What's the secret behind 8 of the top 20 fastest growing economies being African? Looking to move back to the continent and wondering about business and investment opportunities? Just tryna get a scope of the landscape and make some valuable connections?

The First Annual Kellogg Africa Business Conference at Northwestern …

The Letter Writing Project- Being "Woman" in 2011: A Plethora of Questions

Dear Sister,

Being girl. What does that even mean? Could it be making sure every crease in your shirt is ironed out before making an appearance? Or having to absolutely, without question, know how to cook at least five local dishes by the time you're eighteen? How about not only going to school and making those grades, but also ensuring that your social reputation is in tip-top shape? And no! Don't even think about talking to that boy in public. What about being woman? Does having a university and graduate degree cut it for advancing a few levels up the corporate ladder? How about you keep that gorgeous figure looking tight a decade down the line after you have your twins?  Oh, here's a thought: what about getting hitched before your biological timer runs down? Hey, here's an even better idea - how about doing it all?! These days, I don't even know what being girl or being woman means.

I remember the days when the topic on our lips was either "Are you getting…

The Letter Writing Project: Bolt Bus Musings About Life

Dear [Insert Name],
The thing about life is that there is no certainty about it. Sure, we humans (try to) follow some sort of order or structure in order to prevent or rather reduce the propensity for insanity, but when it all comes down to it, sometimes things don't go the way we expect OR go way beyond our wildest imagination. Kind of like how I've been meaning to finish up and post two blogs on the World Social Forum and my insight into self-sustainable villages at Salim Sarr for the past month or so. Or how you've always wanted to do that one specific thing but never did  because one thing or another - life, as we like to call it - happens. Maybe even how, on some level, we know that in order for us to achieve world peace, development, or any other large scale endeavor or cause we believe in, we need to first of all apply ourselves, and be willing to look past differences. The thing about life is that it is life. Unpredictable to its very core, and despite all the chall…