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Poetry/Prose: Double Serving - Principles & Rise

Principles  I once read somewhere that the hardest test is staying true to who you are when surrounded by who you are not You ever think you’ve above all the peer pressure in the world? Well that’s exactly how you get taken in You try to do things the same way you’ve always done them and “they” tell you that if you keep doing the same darn things, you’re gonna keep getting the same darn results. And maybe they’re right. But see, they’re also wrong. Because they don’t know you like you know you. They don’t have that first class seat on the plane with the best window on the aisle, looking upon your life. And they don’t have to listen to that accusing or disappointed voice in your heart wonder when you’ll finally get it. You do. They say it’s a question of principles. And apparently, you’ve got too many. And maybe you do. But that’s for you to decide, not them. Because if given half the chance, they would be more than willing to let go of the steering wheel to their own convoluted attempts at dri…

The Letter-Writing Project: Risking the Fall To Fly (My First Book!)

Cherished Reader,

Yes! This is a letter from me to you! I figured I hadn't written a letter in a while and instead of doing a Circum-Flash or a Circum-Alert, I'd just go with a personal tete-a-tete with you! Especially since I have some really exciting news that I'd like to share :)
I believe the hardest promises we make are the ones we make to ourselves. Precisely because you have to live with that voice in your head that's counting down the minutes until you fulfill your promise and that bashes you like crazy when you don't deliver. So, I promised myself sometime back that I would get to work on writing my very first book for publication - ideally before I hit the silver jubilee. And now, time's a-ticking and my conscience is guilt-tripping me into overdrive, so I had to get to work on delivering. I started writing this morning and I am super SUPER excited!
A little background: I have actually written a couple of books. No, not in my mind. In reality. They'v…

Ramadan Special: 9/11 - A Turning Point For Our Common Humanity

All too soon, we have come to the end of another opportunity to partake in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Pending the moon sighting, there are speculations that Eid-ul-Fitr (the festival celebrating the end of Ramadan) will take place on Friday, September 10 or Saturday, September 11. Either way, Alhamdulilahi, we've made it through another Ramadan and for that we should give thanks.
But that's not the purpose of this post. I'll do a recap on my Ramadan experience later. For this post I'd like to talk about the Pastor in Florida who in all his wisdom has decided to organize a "Burn a Qu'ran" Day: Rev. Terry Jones.
A Meeting of Significance: September 11, 2010 Yes, Mr. Jones is a pastor in a relatively small town in Florida, and yes, he only has a congregation of 50, but his actions, or rather his proclamations, bear a lot of weight. Why? Because he has chosen two 'things' that are important to not just tens or hundreds, but millions of people: the date S…