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2013: "It's Taken Care Of!"

For the past two or so days I have been trying to recollect 2012. To remember what happened. I know there were highs and lows, but for some reason those peaks and valleys weren't as defined as those of latter years. How could I live through 2012 but not remember it in great detail? Did it really fly by that fast? Well. You know how you try to untangle a knot and it takes that one string to have everything tumbling forth? That happened this evening.

Exactly a year ago today I sat in an apartment in Bologna, Italy with my Italian and Russian friends as we waited for 2012 to roll in. Over a dish of shrimp rice and plantain and beans we shared our thoughts on how 2011 had gone as well as our hopes for 2012. But that's not all. We took it a step further, each writing on separate sheets what we would "leave behind" in 2011 and what we would "birth" into 2012. Tonight we're not together. My Russian friend is recovering from cancer in Chicago, my Italian frien…

Poetry/Prose: P.S. I Love You

Poetry finally chased me down and caught hold of me :) Inspired by the movie "P.S. I Love You." Consider it a double entendre ;)


Hello again
It's been a long while I have seen so much, experienced so much Met people who reminded me of you Many times I've wanted to stay away for good Many times I've wanted to come back to you
But why should I when we have such a history Of laughter, fun, smiles, love, yes But also of challenges, correction: littered with challenges It would be so much easier to leave it all behind, leave you behind And start afresh. With someone, somewhere who's more sure More certain, more clear, more easy to get along with?
Someone who doesn't make me so damn angry all the time! Surely, that's what I should do…right?
I've thought that so many times But looking back, I'm who I am today precisely because of you Because of us, and especially because of our struggles It might be easier elsewhere, but I don't think it would be …

Circum-Alert: Indie Fuse 2012 & BarCamp Accra 2012

Video: OurVote = Our Voice. Go VOTE (Peacefully).

Repost: The Free Education Debate - A Mis-Education of Ghana?

Originally posted on the London School of Economics Africa Blog -- As Ghanaians head to the polls on 7 December, education has been the principal election issue debated on by rival politicians, but, as Ghanaian blogger Jemila Abdulai points out, a free education does not necessarily equate to a quality education. Jemila Abdulai blogs at Circumspect. Oil – the word that caused quite a stir in the lead up to Ghana’s 2008 elections. Political parties tried to outdo one another with their grandiose promises on how they would ensure the “equitable” distribution of oil revenues, while politicians launched an entirely different contest – in how many corruption allegations they could level against opponents. But that’s old news. It is 2012 and we have a new election issue over which to crack our brains. Ladies and gentlemen, meet “free education”. Free senior high school (SHS) education made its first appearance onto Ghana’s 2012 election landscape with the launch of the National Patriotic Par…

The Letter-Writing Project: Your Vote Counts

Dear Registered Voter,

In less than 5 days, it will be election day, or as some call it, the day of accountability. We have prepared for this day for months, been subjected to endless bickering by some politicians, and, have gained insight into the men and women who have brought themselves forth to serve our great nation through leadership.

It might not seem like it, but you, dear registered voter, have the opportunity of a lifetime. The opportunity to select Ghana's next leader and to help steer the course of our immediate future. For our country's sake, don't take that opportunity for granted. Many Ghanaians, myself included, do not have that opportunity, and as a result, cannot participate in this solemn duty to our motherland. Nobody should be telling you who to vote for, but we can only implore you to do your best in choosing Ghana's new path and the people who will lead us on it. You might think your vote doesn't count. After all, what's one vote out of …