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Day of the African Child: Count Your Blessings... & Offer Some Out To Others

The Simple Things
There are many things we sometimes take for granted. Forget about the money, the fashionable clothes, the sleek cars, the latest tech gadget and the three-story houses. Think basic: a warm, nutritious meal, a dry shelter, knowing how to count from 1 to 10, having someone you can turn to in times of need, and being offered a chance to improve and get to know yourself.

 Day of the African Child
South Africa's fight against apartheid is one which is well-documented and acknowledged by many. One striking feature of that struggle is the role played by black school children in Soweto who took to the streets in 1976 in order to protest against the poor quality of their education and to demand the right to be taught in their own language. Hundreds of young boys and girls were killed by security forces and many more perished in the subsequent weeks to the march. The Day of the African Child, which falls on June 16 every year, was initiated by the then Organization of Afric…

Circum-Alert: Putting A Voice To The Blog (Jemila on WPG's CitiFM Radio Show)

Hi Folks,

Hope this week went well for you. Mine was totally out of wack aka nothing really went the way I expected. But anyway, it's all good, we're still staying positive through it all and looking forward to the possibilities which abound. That said, I'd like to extend a personal invitation to each of you to tune in to the Writers Project of Ghana (WPG) CitiFM (97.3) radio show this Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 8:30pm GMT. I'll be a guest on the show and will be sharing the highlights of my journey as a writer, some tips and lessons from my writing experiences, as well as reading some of my creative writing pieces from right here on Circumspect!

The Writers Project of Ghana is an amazing creative writing and literary initiative that was started in 2009 and is based in both Ghana and the US. In addition to organizing creative writing projects and workshops around Ghana and in particular, with the youth, WPG also encourages literary culture through public readings, live p…

Circum-Alert: Summer Concert A L'Afrique (D'Banj)

Wow, it's been a minute since I came on here, and yes, the guilt is consistently nibbling away at my conscience. However, our department has it under control and I should be back on track soon with some updates and a couple of interesting stuff in the offing.

For now - and especially for my U.S. peeps who are wishing they were all the way in the motherland, but can't make it for one reason or another - Africa's coming to you! Actually, let me not insult anyone's sensibilities (my own included), Naija  (Nigeria) dey come catch you ooh! Live on July 2nd, at the Strathmore Music Center in Maryland, is the one and only award-winning D'banj, who is currently nominated under the "Best International Act" category in  the 2011 BET Awards! So for all you sugar bananas and sweet potatoes, check out the flyer for more details or join the event page on Facebook to stay updated. Have no idea who D'banj is? Allow me to introduce you :) Take a peek at "Fall in …