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[Repost]: Ghana, Redefining African Elections

This article was originally published on the London School of Economics Africa Blog. -- Ghanaian blogger Jemila Abdulailooks back on a landmark election not just for Ghana, but the whole of Africa. When it comes to African elections, one can always be certain of a healthy dose of unpredictability. From delays in delivering voting equipment to unexpectedly large voter turnouts, any African election fits the bill for a full-length movie, complete with the required suspense. Less evident though is the work behind-the-scenes; those moments of growth which leave such an impression on a country that they ultimately redefine what it means to be an African democracy. Nowhere is this more evident than during Ghana’s 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections.

A woman votes in Ghana’s recent elections Photo: Reuters The one-day event, which extended into a second day, went beyond most people’s expectations and had both Ghanaians and the international community riveted until incumbent John Dram…

Thoughts on the Exuberance of Youth

For some time now I've been trying to find a word that describes the magic of youth - the unspoken energy that makes youth so fearless and non judgmental about themselves and their dreams. This morning I had a discussion with someone who has become a mirror of sorts for me; forcing me to look within and back on my journey thus far - and she doesn't even know that she challenges me to question things about myself, ha! - and I realized what that magic is. It's exuberance. A love of life and perhaps more importantly, of learning. It's placing all bets on yourself when you don't even know how things will work out and simply trusting that it will. It's placing your request to God, and sitting back to let the universe conspire on your behalf. 
The moment you start thinking you are deserving is when you lose it all. Don't get me wrong, you are deserving. But when you start dwelling on that fact, you subconsciously categorize things as worthy of  you, your attenti…

(Belated) 5th Anniversary Post: Gratitude, Growth & Staying True

This morning, while doing my daily inspiration rounds, I felt an urge to dig back into the archives of this blog and read something from a younger me. I do that sometimes. It's not just fascinating, but also inspiring to see the growth in one's life. Also if I'm lucky enough,  younger Jemi might just have some sense or two to teach me. Anyway, I dug all the way back and that's when I realized: October 13, 2012 was Circumspect's 5th Anniversary! Wow. Not because I actually didn't realize it at the time, but because it's been FIVE years since my first post. Half a decade!

People often ask why and how I started this blog. Like most other things, I didn't have a grand plan. I just wanted to share my love for writing. It wasn't to educate, teach, learn from, interact with, or even inspire others, nor was it to put myself out there and maybe garner some opportunities. No, the initial intention behind Circumspect was to share passion. But it did become ea…

Ethiopian Air: Insights from Above the Clouds

A great thing about traveling is the people you meet. Not just the people you end up sharing a street, apartment, class, work space with, but also the people you share an aisle with on the train or plane. For the most part, I have shared my travel space with nice, interesting people - persons who are either non-hostile or extremely pleasant, with the former occurring just once. On my way back to Ghana for the Christmas holidays - my first in seven years! - I sat next to an elderly Ethiopian man who, for lack of a better description, had eyes that twinkled. He was friendly right from the moment he smiled and asked "19L?" when I tried to put my hand luggage in the overhead cabin. "Yes, that's me," I responded, before heading over to the window seat. He explained that he was trying to find an aisle seat since it's easier to move about considering his age - he seemed to be at least 70 years. I have always preferred the window seats I've typically been assi…

Circum-Alert: For the Ladies - Networking & Cocktail Reception

Want to take your career to new heights in 2013 and meet phenomenal young female professionals in Ghana? 

Attend the Young, Fabulous & Savvy event!

Thursday, January 10, 2013, 6:00pm-8:30pm, 15GHS, Golden Tulip. See below for full details.


Young, Fabulous, & Savvy Event Series

Event Details: An exclusive reception and panel discussion where leading female achievers in media, entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurship inspire and motivate young women with their life stories, sisterly advice, and honest perspective.

Date: Thursday January 10th, 2013 from 6:00pm-8:30pm

Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel, Liberation Road, Accra

Featuring: TV Personality Deborah Vanessa, Helena from Aya Morrison, Abena from MultiTV, Renee from ReneeQGhana, Kuorkor from Twists & Locs Salon, Safoa from Sa4a Designs, and Claudia from Glitz Africa Magazine along with other special guests.

Attendees: Limited seats available for young professional women.

Company Overview: The Savvy Madam is committed to providi…

Poetry/Prose - Revelle: The Estranged Ex

"Excuse me, do you mind if I share this table with you? All the others are taken."
You look up and see the woman of your dreams. In live color. In the flesh.
"Of course, you may have that seat. Nice to meet you, my name is..."
She mentions your name before you can even finish.
"Wow, you know my name? Have we met before?"
She smiles. "Many times. But I don't think we've been introduced properly."
She introduces herself. 
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Revelle", you respond. "Would you like something to drink?"
"That would be lovely," she answers, a shy smile on her face.
The waiter brings over a bottle of mineral water and you both watch the bubbles gleam in the light.

"If you don't mind my asking, what brings you here?"
"I'm waiting for someone," Revelle responds. "A long lost friend"
"Ahh. And what might this long lost friend look like, so I can help you keep watch," y…