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Circum-Alert: iHAV Conference - July 30 - August 2, 2014 - Accra, Ghana (Applications open)

Ladies and gentlemen, Entrepreneurship is IN!

Not just because entrepreneurs are some of the coolest peeps ever, but because we Africans have a very real challenge on our hands. The dilemma presented by Africa's youth bulge: to either sink or swim in the face of youth unemployment and other issues.

The good news is that there's a growing awareness of just how much of an opportunity or a challenge the youth bulge presents for Africa, and people and organizations like Christabel Ofori and the iHAV (I Have a Vision) Foundation are working on capacity building and employment generation by putting "Vision in ACTion!" with the IHAV Conference.


iHAV Conference: An annual conference "designed to raise a generation of young African entrepreneurs who will work collaboratively to create employment and provide sustainable solutions to Africa's challenge".

2014 Theme: Creating an Agribusiness Revolution with Africa's Youth.

Topics: Embracing ICT, Women's ro…

Poetry/Prose: Dirty Dancin'

We danced. For months on end. The tango, the waltz, even salsa'd it up Amidst the swirling shadows, intoxicated by tune Daylight? T'was always the dark we craved Grinding against each other - wanting, denying, no sleeping tonight Heavy breaths in sync, bass tempo till light
Staring. Breathing the other in.  Intimate, strange. Enveloped, conspiring; tearing the other apart. Remedy to the madness, but poisonous at touch Pure and utter insanity, the reasons to exile. Yet come night fall, we dance it up again.
Deeper into the dungeon, velvety curtains drawn apart. Deadly passion, intoxicating yearning. Scratch marks the evidence of struggle. Copulate, then dilacerate.
Copulate, then dilacerate.
Pure and utter insanity, deeper into the dungeon we go. Nooks and crannies, monsters under the bed. The questions. The shadows. Therein all dwell. The darkness hath come and conspire with it we shall
We dance. Over and over again. A misstep here, a two step there, a little shimmy in betwee…