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Poetry/Prose: Shape Shifters

Inspired by the "harmonious" cohabitation of extreme poverty & opulent wealth and the people who cross that great divide

They're the ones who will be there to have a "good" time To rock the Prada, Armani and Luis Vuittons And when chanced with nii hao? They respond muy bien gracias, ca va bien and mangi fii rekk They hold it down with the heavyweights and don't bat an eyelash when a minister looks them over And with their airconned lifestyles they hop from house to car to office and back again But don't be fooled, they don't belong.  They're just shape shifters, simply attuned to the world around them  --
Then there are those who'll join a good 5-6-7-8 other mouths around the dinner table And with tummies still a-growling, they'll paste a smile and say "Thanks, I really am full now" With empathy signed off in their gaze you don't feel embarrassed when you can't pay the dollar equivalent for a piece of bread Alas, they haven&#…

Water Wars: Dawn of a Scary New Reality (Blog Action Day 2010)

Scale of Preference: Water Vs. Oil? The idea of economics being a social science is no novelty and even though the notion dates back as far as the era of Adam Smith and the other fathers of economics, it still holds true today. It would seem that every being, society or entity is forever in the pursuit of that elusive – or to put it in economic terms, scarce – something. For some select countries like the United States, that elusive or increasingly scarce thing is oil. For most of the world however, and particularly the impoverished world, that commodity is oil's arch-rival, water.

Nothing lasts forever and that applies especially to natural resources that tend to be used up with no thought of their replenishment. The world literally goes crazy because of this commodity oil. All things being equal (ceteris paribus), when global oil prices drop, everyone - with the possible exception of suppliers - rejoices. When the prices rise - as they seem to do more frequently given their incre…

The Letter Writing Project: Inspiration's the Word!

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it" - Helen Keller --
Dear "Discouraged One",

Life is hard. There's no two ways about that. Sometimes it gets better, other times, it gets worse. And in those one in a million times, it makes you feel like you'll never make it out alive or the same. And you usually don't. Instead, you come out stronger, with a couple more lessons under your belt, and most importantly, with the feeling of being achingly alive, instead of simply existing. Everyone goes through their trials and tribulations in life, but the key difference between those who overcome and those who crumble under the weight of problems is summed up in two simple words: personal effort.

Ever encountered that one individual who seems to have their life all figured out? Who always has the best opportunities, the coolest friends, the brightest smile? That one person who you are convinced was born with a silver spoon and…

Poetry/Prose: Atypical Love Affair

This is a piece that found me in the dead of night (3am). Originally typed it on my phone, and wonder of wonders, my screen froze and I lost the original. I have tried my best to recapture what I remember of the original piece, although, knowing what that one was, I doubt this comes close. All the same, enjoy, and do share your thoughts :)
-- Atypical Love Affair

It starts quite innocently, as most love affairs do. A spoken word here, a stolen glance there, a shiver down the spine. It starts with the simple mention of a name, but it’s the mysterious undertones - the whos, whats, wheres, hows and whys - those are what send you spiraling forth. No turning back, drawn in under the spell, you hold your breath to relive it one more time. Burning desire coursing through your soul, exhale suspended long after the moment unfolds.

It awakens, like most love affairs do. A fluttering of lips against skin, eyes locked in duel, palm in hand. Yet even after the winds tamper those imprints, you continue…