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Personal Update: Confessions of a Would-Be Blogger

This is not an apology. For whatever reason, I feel it's important that this not be an apology, because then it would be premised on my not fulfilling some agreement or another. It's not an apology. Rather, it's an admission. Or better yet, a confession.

I'm back in school for what shall inshAllah be the final year of my MA program with Johns Hopkins SAIS. I could very well make the excuse that I'm extremely busy, which I am, but that wouldn't be the entire truth. The core truth is that for a while now I've been struggling to (re)find my "voice" in the bevvy of activity that the blog world has become. I've been caught in a storm of "should be's" that was not there before, and since we're spilling all the truths, many times I've contemplated shutting this whole thing (blog) down. Why? I wish I could give a one-sentence response, but it's complicated. Believe me though, it's not you (the reader), it's me. 
At t…

Circum-Alert: The Ghana Decides Tag (#GHDTag)

Hi guys!

This is a quick update on a campaign I've been helping Ghana Decides with for Ghana's upcoming December elections. It's called the Ghana Decides Tag - modeled after the actual game of tag and the "Ghana Tag" series on Youtube - and basically it's an opportunity for Ghanaians - at home and abroad - to share their views on what's important for them this election year.

All you have to do is download the How-To guide from Ghana Decides, record yourself on video answering about five questions - and post the video online via youtube, facebook, twitter etc while tagging some of your friends to do their own videos!

Camera shy? Do it with a group of friends or make an audio recording instead! The best part? You have full creative liberation! Just make sure to include the hashtags #GHDTag and #GhanaDecides and also cc @GhanaDecides so it's added to the GHDTag video playlist.

I won't ramble on. Click here for a full description of the project and h…