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Poetry/Prose: No Longer At Ease (WHY NOT?)

"Some [wo]men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not." - Robert Kennedy

No longer at ease. With the can nots, the should nots, the do nots, the try nots...
I'd rather stick with the why nots.
At least those birth some answers to this knot-filled life.

He can not make it with that idea. It's stupid. Why not?
You should not have your natural curls out. Why not?
Do not ask so many questions. Why not?
Try not to draw attention to yourself.
For heaven's sake... WHY Ever Not?
They can not be serious, music/art will get them no where. Why not?
It's one (wo)man for him(her)self. We should not expect anything from our country. Why not?
This is how it's always been done. It's tradition. Do not even think of proposing another way. Why not?
Try not to be so ambitious. You are a woman after all.
*Blank Stare* WHY EVER Not?
I am not good enough. I cannot do this. Why not?
You should not expect much in life. Be happy you ev…