Circum-Flash: Thank You!!! (To Circumspect's wonderful readers + participants)

Happy Thanksgiving and Eid Mubarak to everyone!!! This weekend has been a power packed one: a deep well of thanksgiving that has surely overflown its boundaries. And of course, such a special weekend can't go unnoticed!!! I think it's really special that two holidays set aside for reminding ourselves of how lucky and blessed we each are, were commemorated back-to-back! And in addition to the turkeys and lambs, I hope we all took a moment or two to be thankful for something.

In that spirit, I'd like to say thanks to all of you who follow Circumspect (publicly or under an invisible cloak), comment on my posts, make suggestions, or simply email me. I cannot express how much I appreciate you guys for joining in the Circumspect experience, and I'm learning as much (if not more) as you are (I hope). It's crazy cos I never anticipated that this blogging experience would grow as large as it has. And sometimes, its all very overwhelming.

At moments when I've felt like I cannot go on, or it's taking up a lot of my time, or I should take a break, I get a message of encouragement from one of you lovely people, and I'm reminded that Circumspect is making an impact. Not only in the quest for increased information access, but also on me as an individual. So thanks a bunch for the feedback, comment, criticisms, suggestions, recognition, all that fun stuff. And as always, if there's more where those came from, bring them along! Merci a tout le monde! It's been an honor serving y'all, and I look forward to even more of such opportunities! Keep your eyes peeled, 'cos Circumspect has more coming your way!


P.S. I got the opportunity to interview one of the most amazing and exceptional leaders of our time, Harriet Fulbright. She inspires me, and I hope she inspires you too! Enjoy!! >>

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