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Gosh! I am so overwhelmed...with emotion - gratitude, thankfulness, awe, amazement, more gratitude - yea, it seems I get to be very sensitive during the summer. (my personal theory for that is the fact that the sun is usually out and therefore melts away any traces of insensitivity from the winter before. Total twum, I

Back to the fact. I am overwhelmed. With thankfulness and gratitude, and awe...and no, I am not repeating myself, because the immensity of these emotions deserves their re-recognition. When I sit back, and think about it all, you could pretty much say I am living my dreams in this very instance. A good....8 or so years ago... I hoped to finish high school, get into university, improve my French, get a head start on making a difference, have some idea of what I want to do in life, etc.

I won't say I'm all set with all of that, but I'm definitely on the way. Okay, so some interesting piece of info. You would think that someone like me who goes yaddy yadda about Ghana all day long would actually own a Ghana flag....well, that prior malfunction has officially been rectified. I got my very own Ghana flag today! Lol. Yea, I know, wen I think could I NOT have owned a Ghana flag. C'est incroyable ca!

Another less than 3 days , I should be at the Young Women's Leadership and Knowledge Institute at Goree Island in Senegal. I am soooooo excited for that. I've already met some amazing young ladies who are also attending the institute and i'm looking forward to meeting more. And the program lineup....priceless! I'm basically getting an in depth sneak peak into what I hope to do in a Master's Program (and yes, it will be Columbia. Let's wait and see. lol), and I get invaluable tools for life!!!! What more could a girl want?

Although, the fact that I leave in approximately 3 days doesn't seem to push me to pack...I don't get what the prob is with me and packing...its like oil and water..we just don't mesh together. But at the end of the day, when all is said and done, we put our differences aside, and we work together. Until the next time I have to pack...then the feud commences all over again.

Alors....I will do my absolute best to keep a detailed blog on happenings in Senegal and at YOWLI. And inshallah the program should be every bit of a blessing as I think it will be. Until then...keep your Ghana flags and respective African flags flying high...cos a change is gonna come. Like Alicia said while accepting the BET award for Best Female R&B Artist... "I want to dedicate this award to the end of the word CAN'T. That word is dead. We don't know that word. The only word that exists is CAN. Together we can do anything!". Meaning I CAN actually pack huh....on va


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