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Re-Connecting With The World

Hi all,

Its been a while since i've spent a considerable amount of time on here and honestly, I feel so overwhelmed when I get on cos there are sooo many changes and what nots that I know absolutely nothing aba. lol Simply put, i feel lost on facebook. lol.

Anyways. France/Montpellier is heavenly. I'm definitely having a good time and taking in the culture and all of that... oh yea, and still dabbling around with my french. Mais c'est

So, i finally got a chance to actually sit at a computer and do something else other than just checking and replying emails, and that feeling of being lost on facebook just multiplied itself by a thousand. I now understand how easy it is to stay in one lil corner of the world and have life pass you by without knowing.

I decided to see whats been happening in Gh on only to find theres an ethnic feud in the North? Seriously, one has to wonder. I cant go into detail on my thoughts on that right now, but soon as my internet connection is up and running, we'l see what happens.

Coincidentally; after weeks of blessed sunshine here in Montpellier, there was a serious rainstorm yesterday and yes, i did do a little jig in the rain-- i didnt have a choice seeing that I basically had to run the whole way home from the tram stop. So, aside being soaking wet, albeit happy to relive childhood moments, the apartment was close to flooded. So my roomie and I had to cleanup...and then we did some rearranging which turned out pretty cool....we could actually have a lil soiree if we wanted.

So as I was saying before I went off tangent, I was surprised to see that theres been flooding all over the African continent..I havent done much reading on that but if it warranted detailed insight on BBC, then it must be serious. I hope everyone and their families are doing okay.

And now to le sport. Over here, everyone is going CRAZY about the World Rugby Cup. And although I dont understand the game; I did sorta get into it this weekend at La Place de la Comedie where they set up a large screen to watch the matches. So yea, after a late dinner around 9:30pm, Nana Yaa, myself and Sarah went round to see the end of the France-Namibia match which france won (Vive la France?!) among other amusing sights ;)

So i check BBC and realise tht the World Women's Football Cup is going on as well in China right now. Talk about Patriachal socieites, havent heard that much about it at this end of the world...then again, French women dont really partake in football over here. So I was happy for a while; and then I realised that Ghana was thrashed 4-1 by Australia!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon Black Queens we're still rooting for you!!! Okay so Ghanas next match is slated for the 20th of this month...umm thats in 2 days lol. Against one point in my life I would have been at a loss of which team to support; but hey, GO BLACK QUEENS!!!

Okay so this is an extremement long note, so i need to end here. Plus i need to head to my french history of literature of the 19th century class which starts soon. So; until we reconnect, passe une bonne semaine; prends soin de vous and keep me abreast with happenings if you can. A plus!


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