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Coincidental? Destined?
I dunno, you tell me
Exciting? Interesting? Pure Waste of Time?
Beats me!
Confusing? Mind Boggling? Mysterious?
You bet.

Okay, so as always, I dunno half about what I wanna write. Just feel like scribbling...but int tht jus a circumstance? Coincidental or destined? Yes. So thats the bottomline. Regardless of whatever adjectives or adverbs or other descriptive words we decide to use to describe our situations (circumstances), they essentially at core remain in their natural element: Circumstances.

You can choose to go all optimistic. You can choose to go all drab and pessimistic. You can choose not to choose (Too late, you still chose) or you can be realistic. Take what comes your way, make it work. Not every "unfortunate" occurence has to be so. Or does it? Only if you allow it.

Maybe our destinies are already outlined for us. Maybe not. Eitherways, we will all get to where we are supposed to be. That doesn't mean that if you're not where you want to be (or think you want to me, the mind gets bored and plays games sometimes) you should just close shop.

Maybe its just one hour, one person, one try away. Who knows? Definitely not me. Neither is it that person you're expecting to achieve all your successes for you and overcome all your defeats. They could try, but then two genuine lives would not be lived...yours and theirs (What, did you think they would be living their life while living yours? C'mon hun.)

Circumstances. One word. A thousand implications. Complex.
Yes thats it!
If ever there were a word to describe circumstances, it would be complex.
Forget all the intimate details of the circumstance. The fact thats its intertwined with other's is enough to make it complex.

So. You can make complex good. Or complex bad. Or you could attempt complex neutral. Who knows what might work? Take a risk (This is directed much to myself as to anyone else). Try to understand. But don't waste ALL your time TRYING to understand. The journey is just as important as the destination.


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